dj blackwidow

dj blackwidow

DJ Blackwidow

Goth, Industrial, EBM, Noise, and 80's / New Wave DJ


In high-school I was a science and band geek who played tenor sax and the flute. Listening to a local nearby college radio station and watching 120 Minutes / IRS the Cutting Edge were both big influences. In my spare time I made mixed cassette tapes and traded music with friends or headed to Little 5 points in Atlanta to buy music or see punk shows. Keep in mind, during that time - there was no terms such as "goth" or "industrial". Everything back then was classified as punk.

Once I hit college - I had to help pay for school working as an intern for the college station WFIT. My first job as an intern was to re-organize the record library. It was during that time I took advantage of the private listening room and spent many hours listening to records and making cassette tapes. During this time, I came across the album "Bites" by a band called Skinny Puppy and the album "Big Sex" with a specific track called "The Wedding" by a band called Wolfgang Press. All I can say is, listening to their music for the first time changed my perspective on music - forever. Another track that I came across while dj-ing at the radio station and really loved was an EP by Screaming for Emily.

As I made more friends in school, I became aware of a nearby local nightclub in where I became exposed to EBM, Belgian New Beat, and Acid House. That is when I fell in love with the night life! I then started dj-ing for the fun of it. In short, I must say that I love dj-ing but I love dancing even more.

DJ Formats Used

Vinyl, CD, or Laptop


Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Klinik, Winterkalte, Converter, MS Genter, Haujobb, Front Line Assembly, Hate Dept., Suicide Commando, Leather Strip, P.A.L.

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"Djing should not only be about packing the dance floor but exposing the audience to music that pushes the boundaries beyond the well known hits ." DJ Blackwidow